Certain things just can’t be predicted.

When I first started planning my remote year in the summer of 2019, there was no way I could have anticipated this journey being halted by a global pandemic. There was no way ANYONE could have prepared for something like this.

Here’s how things went down for me:

March 2020 was the 6th month on the Remote Year itinerary, with Bangkok, Thailand as our new host city. However — a small group of digital nomad buddies and I decided that we wanted to spend the month on the beach, relaxing in the sun, instead…

Yea, this sucked.

Not ALL my laundry, but damn near most of it.

Here’s what happened:

I’m traveling with an organization called Remote Year, which you’d know if you’d read any of my previous blog posts or follow me on social media. Remote Year provides a number of services to us in each city — laundry being one of them. I decided to jump on this, as most of our apartments in Hanoi don’t have a dryer. So, I was given a few laundry bags and was told to hand my bag of dirty clothes to the doorman of my…

I posted my last blog on December 9th.

Today, it’s February 3rd.

I found it hard to sit down and write last month. For a variety of reasons. The old me would be beating myself up for that. Such unnecessary pressure, for sure. But, life happens. I’m not a robot. And sticking to a strict writing schedule while traveling and working isn’t always the most realistic.

So, I’m gonna use this blog to debrief a bit on Cape Town.

Here goes…

I was PUMPED to get to there at the end of December. It would be a month of sunshine…

It’s currently month 3 of my year-long stint around the globe. For those of you who don’t know, I’m traveling with an organization (called Remote Year) that is responsible for my living accommodations, work space access and travel between countries all year.

Despite what things may look like on social media, I did not know my fellow “digital nomads” 60 days ago. We were strangers until we met in Split, Croatia on day one of month one. …

Now, there are a lot. So I’m not sure if this is the biggest, but it’s definitely brought to my attention on a very regular basis.

And that is: that I’m not ACTUALLY working. And/or that this year is just one giant vacation.

L-O-L @ that.

I’m laughing because as I’m writing this, I’m coming down with a cold, I’m sleep deprived and I’m feeling more overworked than I’ve felt in the last 3.5 years with my company. Work, it seems, is all that I’ve BEEN doing.

I guess that’s hard to believe for people back home, who may look…

Geographically speaking, Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe along the Adriatic Sea, with Montenegro to the South, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the East, Hungary to the Northeast and Slovenia to the Northwest.

Coming from the States (the tri-state area, at that) the option of road tripping to other countries is VERY limited. Here in Croatia, however, it is more than ideal. I guess that’s the beauty of Europe, huh?

That being said, my mom and I (yes, she came to visit in month 1) came up with an awesome game plan to rent a car in Split and road trip…

I remember the very first time I got homesick.

I was on a trip to Italy with my mom and grandma. I was 10-years-old and it was my first time outside of the country.

On our first night out in Rome, we stopped at a little place for dinner. I remember ordering spaghetti. What 10-year-old wouldn’t, with an opportunity like this? I remember the dish coming out and taking a bite. It was NOTHING like the spaghetti I ate at home. The sauce was fragrant and filled with herbs. There were chunks of juicy tomatoes throughout. …

How do you pack for a year? Not only were people asking me this question… but I was asking this myself.

I realized pretty quickly that the answer is: you don’t.

An interesting article happened to cross my path in the months leading up to my trip. Its title: “Everything You Own You’re in a Relationship With.” No need to brief you on the premise, the title is pretty self explanatory.

My initial desire to spend a year away had much to do with re-establishing a relationship with myself; a relationship that I had neglected for a very long time…

This has been the most frequently asked question since I made my remote year announcement. It’s hard to answer on the spot because it’s been one hell of a process — a process that actually started in May 2017.

At that time, a good friend and coworker, Samvida Patel, had just returned from a year abroad. She had, one year prior, asked Integrative Nutrition to do the same thing — to continue her work as a member of the Admissions Team, while traveling with the Remote Year organization for 12 months. I asked to do the same and was sure…

Ramses Itinerary

So I’ve mentioned this thing — that I’ll be traveling for the next year and taking my job with me. Bananas, right? But how is this all happening? Sharing this with friends and family hasn’t come without a number of questions…

First thing’s first, I’m traveling with an organization: Remote Year. Essentially, Remote Year is a company that coordinates travel, workspace and living accommodations for professionals with remote jobs. There are a number of companies like this, many of which have popped up in the last few years. But I’ve decided on Remote Year because of their strong reputation and…

Becka Florczyk

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